About the Battle of the Mesh Organisers




hackerspace brussels is located in the north of Brussels, Belgium; we're keeping our local space afloat - providing infrastructure, for all who want to hack around with open and closed hard- and software, sharing know-how & culture. we organized the second Wireless Battle Mesh edition.

more info at: http://hackerspace.be


Ninux.org is a wireless community network based in Rome, that aims also at promoting the free networking culture in Italy.

More info can be found at http://wiki.ninux.org/FrontPage.


/tmp/lab is the Paris hackerspace located in Vitry (East suburbs of Paris) working on wireless protocols, FPGA OpenHardware implementation and RepRap improvments. The /tmp/lab organized the HackerSpaceFestival and the first WirelessBattleMesh.

more info at: http://tmplab.org

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