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Saturday November 14th

How to not lose all your mesh nodes - Updating incompatible routing protocols with minimal downtime (Talk)

RED and (talk)

Weather Radar WLAN Channel Map (Talk)

Benchmark of Mesh Routing Protocols (Talk)

Enhancing OpenWrt Security (Talk)

Sunday November 15th

Model Train'ing like a Pro: Performance Evaluation of a Wireless SDN (Talk)

How to build custom OpenWrt images: philosophy and tools (talk)

Mesh Routing For Beginners (Talk)

Lightning Talks (10 min each)

Securing and Optimising Enterprise Networks with OpenWrt and Free Software (Talk)

Lightning Talk: DDoS, precautions for community networks needed?

I want to give a short introduction what seems to be common knowledge around bigger ISPs, and start the discussion what community networks could do about it, before being a target of such an attack. Please allow me to excuse myself if the questions are getting too much into work details, most of the questions I'm uneasy to answer myself can be answered with public material.

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