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Clear message
location: BattleMeshV3


We would like to give to the Battle of the Mesh V3 the flavour of a tournament with a social character. If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, or have an interest in mesh networks you might find this bunch of crazy folks gathering for the Wireless Battle of the Mesh V3 very interesting. This event is also an opportunity to meet developers from the most popular open source mesh protocol implementations (Babel, Batman, Olsr.org) and watch their ideas compete. If you have implemented an interesting mesh protocol capable of running on OpenWrt Kamikaze you can take part to the tournament.


The results and the material produced at the event is available online with rsync protocol here (warning ~4GB):


If you are interested just in the results download just this folder:



The BattleMeshV3 will be held at Camping Porticciolo in Bracciano (Rome) Italy.

How to get there

More details here.


From the 2nd to the 6th of June 2010.


In brief: we will deploy a wireless mesh network over the camping, run different routing protocols on top of it, perform some tests and see which routing protocol behaves better.

Side activities will be organized. Workshops and talks on wireless topics are on the time table (see below on this page)


A donation of 50 EUR (which will cover costs for the whole period for the camping ground + internet connectivity) is required for the whole event (5 days, 4 nights). Of course feel free to donate more if you want :)

Please pay in advance and NOT directly at the camping. In this day we can have a budget to buy equipment and an idea of the number of people coming.

Payment deadline: It would be nice to pay before May the 10th

How to pay

Please give 'WBMv3' and your name+email! in the description/comment of your wire-transfer.


Organization: AboutUs

email <contatti AT PLEASEDONOTSPAM ninux DOT org> for info on logistics, travelling and camping

telephone number (clauz's /tmp/mobile): +39 3387002135

you can also try irc.freenode.net, channel #battlemesh


Who will be there

Check out the /Participants page (and add yourself to the list if you are coming, please!).

What to bring

List of the hardware available for the WBMv3

Hardware available for the WBMv3

Permanent BarCamp Tent

BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences (or unconferences) - open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

At the WBMv3 there will be a Permanent BarCamp Tent in which participants can make talks about Wireless Mesh Networks and discuss the results of the Battle.



Mailing List

To subscribe to the WBM participants' mailing list please visit this page: http://ml.ninux.org/mailman/listinfo/battlemesh

The archive of the mailing list is here: http://ml.ninux.org/pipermail/battlemesh/


Press Service

Add here your blog that talks about the Wireless Battle of the Mesh. Please add the URL of the specific BattleMesh article or tag.


If your organization wants to be a sponsor of the Battle of the Mesh V3 please write to <contatti AT PLEASEDONOTSPAM ninux DOT org>. Thank You !

Warm-up Events

Spreading the word





subpages are listed here:

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