We would like to give to the 'Battle of the Mesh' the flavor of a tournament with a social character. If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, or have an interest in mesh networks you might find this bunch of crazy folks gathering for the Wireless Battle of the Mesh V7 very interesting. This event is also an opportunity to meet developers from the most popular open source mesh protocol implementations (Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N. L3 and L2, BMX, IEEE 802.11s, OLSR) and watch their ideas compete. If you have implemented an interesting mesh protocol capable of running on OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment you can take part in the tournament too.


The BattleMeshV7 will be held at Leipzig, Germany. The testing / hacking / talks will take place in the sublab. It features one large room with a separate stage corner for talks as well as a smaller room for discussions, a smoking room and several other smaller rooms. Expect to find nice WiFi internet connection (FreiFunk and Sublab WiFi), hacking gear, video projector, a beer garden outside, and some curious hackers.

Some first impressions:

Accommodation and Food Supply

(TODO: We are negotiating with hostels to offer a group package)




The event takes place on the following dates: TODO (April/March 2014)

Please sign up on the doodle!


In brief: We will deploy a wireless mesh network over the campus, run different routing protocols on top of it, perform some tests and see which routing protocol behaves better. (More Infos about the firmware: BattleMeshV7/Firmware)

Side activities will be organized. Workshops and talks on wireless topics are on the time table:

Announcement: BattleMeshV7/Announcement

Call for Talks: BattleMeshV7/CallForTalks

Agenda: BattleMeshV7/Agenda

Side Events: BattleMeshV7/SideEvents


Participant Registration and Fee

The event itself is free of charge and open for all, so to register without hotel and food supply, simply add your name to the BattleMeshV7 participants list.

TODO: We are still evaluating if/how to offer a low cost accomodation/food package.



We would like to thank the following for making this event possible:

(TODO: none so far)

Blog Ping-Backs and Media Coverage

What to Bring

List of the Hardware Available for the WBMv7


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