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location: BattleMeshV8 / CallForTalks

Do you have an idea or project related to mesh routing protocols? Are you involved in a community networking project that uses a mesh network? Are you aware of a related issue that you think should be discussed?

Your workshop or presentation proposal is welcomed to BattleMeshV8 in Maribor!


After the proposal deadline, the agenda will be published here: BattleMeshV8/Agenda

Until then, this agenda page will contain a list of proposed workshops, which you are encouraged to check to see if there is already a similar workshop or talk to yours before making a proposal.

Format and topic of talks

Workshops or talks relating directly to open source mesh routing protocols will be prioritised, but we welcome proposals of anything you think may be of interest to mesh routing and community networking enthusiasts.

They may take any format, for example a presentation, talk, discussion, debate, practical workshop, or film screening. The suggested duration for talks is one hour (40 minutes talk, 10 minutes questions and 10 minutes break/buffer).

To get an idea of the kinds of talks and workshops at the previous events, see http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV7/Agenda, http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV6/Agenda and http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV5/Agenda.

Lightening talks

Lightening talks are shorter talks which can be submitted after the main workshops deadline, to give everybody the opportunity to present their project/idea. Each lightening talk will be 7 minutes long, followed by 3 minutes of questions. Projector slides can be submitted in EPS or PDF format to: submissions at battlemesh.org


To allow an efficient handling of your proposal, please provide the following information and send them by email to the address below:


The deadline for proposals is the 15th of July.


Email your proposals or specific questions to: submissions at battlemesh.org

For general questions, please use the Battlemesh mailing list: http://ml.ninux.org/mailman/listinfo/battlemesh

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