Wireless Battle of the Mesh seeking next year's location!

At our Battlemesh Community meeting, that takes place during the final days of each edition, we discuss future locations for WBM. Despite the proposed locations at every meeting we are always open for new location proposals.

We are now making a call for WBMv13 Location Proposals.

If you are unsure to step up, don't worry! Organizing Battlemesh requires some effort from the localteam, but is not too difficult, and you are never on your own -- the mentor team, the previous edition's organizers, and the Battlemesh community are here to assist you!

Basic Wireless Battle of the Mesh .conf file

That's it. A motivated local group of three or so usually suffices for scouting and handling most on-site tasks before and during the event.

Other parts of the Battlemesh experience -- T-shirts, video streaming, social events, ... -- are subject to feasibility and community support. Note that Battlemesh historically has no entry fees and strives to provide a free-of-charge, open-for-all event.

How to submit a proposal

So you are thinking of hosting the next Battlemesh? Please follow up with your proposals by October 26th, even if it is still a rough idea. Send an e-mail to the organizers' mailing list at v13@battlemesh.org answering the best you can to the following:

After reviewing and iterating the possible locations during the following weeks, the mentor team will iterate with you this proposal and select the best candidate for a recon visit. After the recon visit, the final decision is announced.

If you do not have any proposal but would like to get more involved in organizing the next WBM please let us know!

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