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Wireless Battle of the Mesh seeking for Endorsements

The Battlemesh community is seeking for endorsements from well known communities in the field of Community Networks, Open Routing Protocols, Open Source Software, Research Projects and Hacktivism.

Endorsement is just a fancy word that means to promote the event and attract the maximum number of people as possible to the event :-D

What Does Endorsing Mean

Endorsing means to publish an official press release on your website which will express your community's support to the event and indicate any eventual involvement of your community in the event.

For example, some people of your community might come to the event; some others might be the organizers; some others will hold one or more talks and so on.

Additionally but not obbligatorily, your community could also donate hardware or money to the event.

All the communities endorsing the battlemesh will be listed on the event page of our website with their logos, a short description of what they do and their level of involvement with the event.

Why Endorsing is Good

The interest in the event will surely grow if potential participants can see many communities and skilled individuals are actively involved.

Our goals are:

How to Endorse

  1. Copy this endorsement template and modify it according to your preferences

  2. Send a mail with the logo (300dpi transparent background in svg or eps format) and the description (bio, website link, social networking accounts) of your community to battlemesh AT ml DOT ninux DOT org
  3. Publish the press release on your website/blog
  4. Spread it with all the means you can: mailing list, social networks, etc.

Please let us know

The Battlemesh Community

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