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Here's the logo of the v7 edition:

Poster of the v7 edition:


[Community-Name] endorses the Battle of the Mesh v7


The "Wireless Battle of the Mesh" is an event that aims to bring together people from across the globe to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, OLSR, and 802.11s.

Many developers and community networkers will join the event to hack, test, discuss, explain and learn.

If you are interested in dynamic routing protocols or wireless community networks you can't miss this event!

The battlemesh is free of charge and open for all, every year we strive to keep participation costs low by negotiating deals for accommodation and food.

This year the event will take place from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th of May 2014 in Leipzig, Germany at the Sublab, a very cool local hackerspace.


[Community-Name] endorses and supports the Battle of the Mesh v7 because of the efforts made by its community to advance the field of wireless mesh networking and foster the development of grassroots community networks.




The project objectives constitute involvement of the local community to share community resources in the community and for the community to provide wireless access to the Internet and new information technologies to local and disadvantaged; freely, voluntary, independent, non-commercial using specific wireless access methods where the creation of each new access point made ​​by participants and volunteers extends and expands the coverage of wireless network to another location serving thereby providing wireless access to new technologies and empowering the local citizen.


We intend to involve the local community to be imperative for greater guarantee of success, sustainability and expansion project. Community involvement in the project can be a challenge, but if it is not involved, the technology does not meet your needs hindering its implementation and expansion. Regardless of the complexity of these tasks, so that this project achieves further success also needs the support of those who will serve and aspire for support, donations and sponsorships reputable sites, whose motives are easily accepted by the community. We also want to find the person or people who will probably be interested in the project or in development, support and participation as we may need to engage in certain functions, such as participation, organization or administration or if they wish to accept. This project is preferred but not exclusive to possible suitors that have the confidence of the community, know who can and should be contacted speaking the language of the community. We aim in seeking a specific selection of the right people for the project. No other decision will affect the project more than having local people on effective and reliable team who are key persons in institutions or community.


We do not create false enthusiasm or guarantees that can not be implemented in collaboration with potential stakeholders, participants, supporters and sponsors, or we will be open and honest and try to inform and educate the underprivileged and the less informed from the most diverse content such as audio visual content. In places where people or with the level of information is lower, we will focus on the services of internet to radio stations, television, print articles and photos without trying to introduce technology to someone without realizing what applications they can actually serve that person, persons, area or community and informing the best possible prospects because not always have an idea how new technologies can be favourable to them.

[Community-Name] will support the event by:

Many other communities endorse and support the Wireless Battle of The Mesh v7, an up to date list of the endorsers of the Battlemesh v7 can be found at the main Battlemesh website.

If you are interested in coming join the event's Mailing List to stay up to date with the latest news.


We suggest to use every mean you have to promote this press release.

Be creative, edit this text to make it more effective for your audience! If your community is not used to read in english please translate the text or write it from scratch in your own language.

After you publish it on your blog or website, promote it on your mailing list and use social networks, ask your peers to participate in the promotion by using their own personal social networking channels to share the story, this is a community event so it's good that everybody participates in making it successful! :)

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