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 * '''2019: TBD'''  * '''2019: Organisation in progress''', see BattleMeshV12

Wireless Battle Mesh

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh is an event that aims at bringing together people from across the world to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX6, OLSR, 802.11s and Static Routing.

It is a tournament with a social character. If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, or have an interest in mesh networks you might want to check this out!

The goal of the WirelessBattleMesh events is to set-up hands-on testbed for each available mesh routing protocol with a standard test procedure for the different mesh networks. During the different WBM events, similar hardware and software configuration will be used based on the OpenWRT BoardSupportPackage and packages for each protocol implementation. The WBM events are also a great opportunity to develop testing tools for PHY/MAC radio layers (drivers, scripts and PHY analyzers).

If you want to know who is behind the WBM, you should visit AboutUs.

Upcoming Event

Most Recent Event

Past Events

Battlemesh Seeking for Endorsements!

Read the page Endorsement Strategy to learn why endorsing the event is a good thing.

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