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Atheros Ath9k Bounty


Ath9k driver does not (yet) include DFS but this feature is needed to use more than 2 wireless channel on 5 Ghz band...

We need someone to make a patch for ath9k to override the DFS channels locking and an extra bounty will be provided if this patch allows to use frequencies from 2312 to 2502 Mhz and from 4920 to 6100 Mhz...

This patch must allow radios to run in ad-hoc mode.


400€ to make ath9k running on any 5Ghz channels without DFS (bounty ended : Rocca wil the help of Zoobab have found a solution)

100€ to use extra channels (this bounty still alive...)


Patch must be done for OpenWrt (backfire version)

An installation and usage manuel must be provided with the patch

Patch must be send by email to devnull@hackerspaces.be with your complete coordinates.

The patch will be fully tested by our team before we pay the bounty

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