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Step 1: Install uhttpd

cd /tmp
wget http://downloads.openwrt.org/backfire/10.03/atheros/packages/uhttpd_7_atheros.ipk
opkg install /tmp/uhttpd_7_atheros.ipk

Step 2: rc.local

Then edit your /etc/rc.local

root@OpenWrt:/tmp/speed# cat /etc/rc.local 
ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth0:1
babeld -z 2,30 eth0 ath0 &
mkdir -p /tmp/speed
dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/speed/4M bs=1M count=4 &
uhttpd -h /tmp/speed/ -p 80
exit 0

Then at reboot, it should serve a 4MB file on all its interfaces.

Step 3: test the speed

To test the speed, do a simple wget on the other side, do a:

while true; do wget -0 /dev/null; done

The uhttpd still takes some 90% CPU if you download the file over the ethernet interface.

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