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Hillary Clinton about wireless mesh networks

Devices that could be wireless mesh networks devices, IMHO

Celluon evoMouse

Module tracking device UM-16

SXSW 2011: Samsung TV integration with Android apps

Embedded 32-bit Microprocessor (Biometric, identification and a number of sensors for protection)

AMT Modem (L-Band/70 MHz/140 MHz) BPSK, QPSK/OQPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32 APSK, 16QAM

Sensory organs of a computer

Wireless Digital Pressure Sensor

CSIRO Ngara wireless broadband access Field trial, Smithton, Tasmania by TV-antenna


Immaterials: Light painting WiFi

Network latency checking tools

These are some tools that can be used to measure network latency. They were mentioned in (or implied by) Jim Gettys's talk on bufferbloat.

He showed us beautiful latency graphs that were generated by

Queue Management Software

In his talk, he strongly recommended the use of queue management software, such as:


Andrew gave a talk about BGP. He mentioned these links.

See BGP info on the internet.

See what the internet looks like from various AS's perspectives.


An upcoming wifi-mesh management software, from ljubljana in Slovenia.

Oberon, A2, kernel Active Object System (Aos)

DRAKON + Oberon = DRON visual programming language for the Buran space project


GIS enabled mesh network administration / research tool

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