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BattleMeshV7 Tests

General Rules


  1. The Hidden Node Problem

  2. The PowerLAN Conundrum

  3. The Mesh of Death Adversity

  4. The Convergence Time Relay

  5. The Crossed Streams Jeopardy

Each testing team will have its own team banner so that you can easily tell who is working on which problem.

Nodes and @IP

Look each experiment!

Packages needed for the experiments

Here you should add all the packages needed owing to perform the experiments. There will be 6 sections (general + each scenario). Each responsable of the tests, feel free to modify this section.

General (Axel's Big Test)

Nodes and its IPs

Hidden Node

Nodes and its IPs


Mesh of Death

Nodes and its IPs

Convergence Time Relay

Crossed Streams

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