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Clear message
location: BattleMeshV7



We would like to give to the 'Battle of the Mesh' the flavor of a tournament with a social character. If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, or have an interest in mesh networks you might find this bunch of crazy folks gathering for the Wireless Battle of the Mesh V7 very interesting. This event is also an opportunity to meet developers from the most popular open source mesh protocol implementations (Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N. L3 and L2, BMX, IEEE 802.11s, OLSR) and watch their ideas compete. If you have implemented an interesting mesh protocol capable of running on OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment you can take part in the tournament too.


The BattleMeshV7 will be held at Leipzig, Germany. The testing / hacking / talks will take place in the sublab. It features one large room with a separate stage corner for talks as well as a smaller room for discussions, a smoking room and several other smaller rooms. Expect to find nice WiFi internet connection (Freifunk and Sublab Wifi), hacking gear, video projector, a beer garden outside, and some curious hackers.

Some first impressions:







Accommodation and Food Supply

We offer an optional low cost accomodation package including breakfast, please see "participant registration" below. We will also organize social events. Leipzig offers a big variety of restaurants, cafes and bars where you can get food and drinks.


You'll stay at the Sleepy Lion Hostel near Leipzig downtown. It is 10 minutes walk away from Leipzig central station and 3 minutes away from the inner city district.

Breakfast will be served each day directly at the Hostel. You can find further information and contact addresses directly on the website of the hostel.

Important: Do not forget to bring a towel with you! Sheets and anything else will be provided.


There are several ways to get to Leipzig city.


There is an international airport near the city, it is called Leipzig/Halle Airport (IATA: LEJ) which can be reached by train in approx. 15 minutes from Leipzig central station. Trains are running every 15-30 minutes until midnight and beginning from 04:00 in the morning. Tickets can be directly brought on the platform using the ticket automats there.

However it is usually quite expensive to get a flight connection to this airport since it adds around 150-200 euro fees on top of a flight route to Berlin or Frankfurt international airport.


There is a good intercity high-speed train connection from Berlin to Leipzig plus an additional private train service called "Interconnex" (http://interconnex.com) which costs between 16 and 22 Euro and runs twice a day from Berlin central station at 07:57 and 17:06 towards Leipzig central station. The trip takes around one hour and twenty minutes.

Additionally there is regular rail service available via Deutsche Bahn (http://bahn.de) with varying prices depending on the type of train.


There are several inter-city bus lines available from Berlin to Leipzig or Frankfurt to Leipzig which arrive near the central station in Leipzig. Prices are between 8-16 euro for a trip Berlin -> Leipzig which takes around two hours and ca. 15 euro for a trip from Frankfurt to Leipzig which is about five hours.

(Note that the preselected dates are too far in the future yet, if you want to get an idea of the prices, choose april as departure and arrival month)

Inner city (Public transport)

There is a direct tram line (nr. 14) from Leipzig central station to Karl-Heine-Str. in Plagwitz where the Westwerk complex (the conference place) is located.

alt Map of the Tram Line #14


The event takes place on the following dates: Monday 12th to Sunday 18th of May 2014


In brief: We will deploy a wireless mesh network over the campus, run different routing protocols on top of it, perform some tests and see which routing protocol behaves better. (More Infos about the firmware: BattleMeshV7/Firmware)

Github repository

Battlemesh github repository Here you can find the wibed testbed platform, battlemesh packages (a set of OpenWRT packages to be used at the WBM events), and an OpenWRT mirror.


This page contains the official Announcement: BattleMeshV7/Announcement

Timetable / Agenda

The agenda for talks, workshops and meetings is here. Projector slides and several videos of the talks are also linked here. If you have made videos of the talks, please link them here. It is also possible to put them on the Battlemesh download server

Battlemesh V7 Video's by Stefan van Hooft

Call for talks.

Impressions from previous Battlemesh events



Participant Registration and Fee

The event itself is free of charge and open for all!

If you intend to come (with or without hotel reservation), please add your name to the BattleMeshV7 participants list.

If you wish low cost accommodation, a special group booking has been arranged. Payment in advance is required to get the full benefit of the discount. Therefore, like for the previous event, this year's edition features an "early bird low cost" registration program: Bed and breakfast in a hostel in down town Leipzig from Monday till Sunday plus dinner arrangements on the first two evenings are available for 175€ 150€ if the payment is received before February 28th, 2014. The price goes up to 175€ for all payments made after February 28th. These late arrangements are subject to availability. We can only accept your registrations until the 18th of April.

If you wish to sign up for the accommodation package please wire the amount of 175 Euro 150 Euro until February 28th. After this date the price will rise to 175 Euro. You can find the bank account details for the upcoming WBMv7 at the end of this mail.

Once we received your payment, your name will be added to the list of confirmed attendants.

If your name does not appear as confirmed within 7 days after wiring the money, feel free to mail to Jo-Philipp < xm@subsignal.org > and ask for a confirmation of receipt.

Account Details:

Recipient: sublab Veranstaltungen UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
IBAN:      DE58 8609 5604 0308 0284 61
Bank:      Leipziger Volksbank eG, Schillerstr. 3, 04109 Leipzig
Subject:   WBMv7 <Your Full Name>

Of course, this package is not compulsory. You can also find your own bed and food supply yourself during the event if you wish to do so.



We would like to thank the following for making this event possible:


Donated OpenHardware - WRTnode

We got 20 samples of the WRTnode boards donated. Find the presentation here: http://1drv.ms/1lfDE4U

Default settings:

Please provide feedback generously and let the world know about your progress and fancy projects with WRTnode!

> We hope WRTnode could bring you more pleasure. > And please help WRTnode team bring greetings from China to all in BattelMeshV7!



A complete and updated list will be available at the Endorsement dedicated page.

Pictures and Videos

attachment:wbmv7_1.jpg attachment:wbmv7_2.jpg

attachment:wbmv7_3.jpg attachment:wbmv7_4.jpg

Please put your for Videos and Pictures here!!

Blog Ping-Backs and Media Coverage

What to Bring

List of the Hardware Available for the WBMv7


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